After waiting three whole years, Fawful's Minion fans finally get to inhale his Top 30 favorite Copy Abilities within the Kirby series of video games! Will your favorite emerge on top? There's only one way to find out! But wait a moment... It seems as though Logan has been turned into a Kirby as a punishment for the overdue promise! This can only end well...


Logan: Happy 2016, Minionation, and well... shit. Looks like I'm adorable. Why? As punishment for the wait. I'm stuck like this until I deliver. Consider it done! I've had to slit some bitches to bring this back. Sweat and tears both began shedding. Lost my clothes... here we are. Takin' a look at Kirby's ever so diverse collection of Copy Abilities. Rules? Ahm... No Super, Mix, or End-game abilities? Yeah. You've caught the gist, you know the hist, so let's see that list! Pinch my cheecks, give me a cuddle, and slip on those battle caps! Our return to Dreamland starts now.

Number 30Edit

Logan: It can be hard going against base instincts. So hard that it's been made into 17 dick jokes at banished Mt. Ragequit. You can't help it! Sometimes you just wanna throw something. During a pissy fit, or when you've misplaced all your Sawks. Solves about as many problems as it causes. It qualifies as hilarious! But when you're a baby pink puffball that can fly forever and deep-throat LOGS, why the fuck would you ever wanna throw something? Uh... kicks? It's good for ya!

#30: Throw

Logan: From a conceptual standpoint, Throh is actually kinda lame. And so is this ability. Cackle cackle cackle! From the first time we all take baby's first suck, it's all too easy to grow numb to ability-less Kirby. And donning the blue headband doesn't feel all that different. Simple to understand; pick em' up and chuck the poor fuck up, down, or straight. That's it. It's nice that you don't get cute, defenseless animal hair stuck in you mouth, at the very least. Its extravagance rivals that of a sneeze, blink, or yawn. As in, even I can do that! But it's fun for the same reasons Super Mario 2 is. BAM, mother-fucker! Don't undersell it because of the bare-bones concept. During the standstill, you're completely invulnerable, and anything that touches you takes a truck-load of damage! Damn! But I just like the mentality that goes with it. Yeah, I got superpowers blessed by the deities, the elements of the cosmos, military-grade explodey things, and my Mama's best COOKING POT, but... fuck you! I don't need it! It's the equivalent of going For Glory Ganondorf; you get the feeling that you could do better, but re thayin' it here: go nuts.

Number 29Edit

Logan: Before I became a crazy adult, I was a crazy kid. When you're in that age bracket, silly desires overflow the mind. And for the sake of being casual, I feel like sharing something. Back when I was but a mini Minion, it was my dream to visit the circus. Yeah, no joke. Big top tent, otherworldly performances, fellow weirdos to relate with, all that. So when I heard Triple Deuxe featued an ability called Circus, I legit squeed, "Neeheehee!" Went into the game mostly blind, and... what? I was disappointed? Pfft, that's cute.

#29: Circus

Logan: Circus turned out to be my exact vision: fun, and well aware that it's fun. This ability brings me a familiar joy. Usage of ordinarily harmless props or objects, and makin' George Romero films out of it! Looking at you, mother-fuckers! There's something undeniably charming about watching Kirby act like a carny. Give him some nummies, and he'll give you the full show!

Wiz: Tut tut, beautiful crowd! Gather 'round to witness the only face too cute to throw pies at! Give him your hugs and cheers! The amaze-ball himself! Kirby-Kirb!!! Try some somersaults!

Crowd: Ooooooh!

Wiz: Balancing acts!

Crowd: Aaaaaah!

Wiz: Watch him juggle!

Crowd: Ohhhhhh!

Wiz: And more balls...!

Crowd: Ooooooh!

Wiz: ...For some reason... And Superman 64!


Logan: Ah, that's a cute little circus freak! Surprisingly, this power can solve an awful lot of puzzles! For something as simple as... being a fuckin' goof, its quality is in your face. I've heard some that don't really like it, but hey. Maybe they're not freak enough. Though, gotta admit, I feel it's the weakest of Triple Deluxe's new abilities. No harm, no hate, its competitions just got tastier popcorn. Hey, mad respect though, entertaining a crowd despite looking silly? There's a true character.

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